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Bypasses forgotten iCloud passwords
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Gets around the iCloud protection and actually removes the service's lock from your iPhone or iPad. Connects to an unknown server, so it may compromise your data.

More and more people these days use iCloud. And, since it is as common to steal data as it is to gossip, the cloud service needs its own protective measures, hence the password lock. If you don't know the password, you can't activate the iCloud profile. But, as we know, passwords are often forgotten. So, in order not to be locked out of your own iCloud, you should use programs like GadgetWide Cloud Control.

Unlike other programs, that try to bypass the activation lock but still leave it on, GadgetWide Cloud Control actually bypasses and removes the lock in a few simple actions to be taken by the user. All you need to do is download the application, install it, and launch (mind that you have to accept the terms and conditions on the first application run). Then you have to register your program. Next steps are to launch iTunes and connect your iOS device. After that, your iCloud lock should be bypassed within seconds.

Be warned, however, that GadgetWide Cloud Control connects to an unknown server in order to perform the procedure, so the data you expose to the people behind it may be used to their own benefit. You have to act at your own risk.

James Lynch
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  • Free
  • Easy iCloud bypass


  • Requires iTunes
  • May expose your data to third parties
  • Supports Windows only
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